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Wire Harnessing

Advance In Science and Technology, Connection with the world

Wire harnesses are compactly bundled wires and data circuits that function as the central nervous system of a vehicle. To ensure safety and basic functions (going, turning and stopping), as well as provide comfort and convenience, automobiles are equipped with various electronics that operate using control signals running on electrical power supplied from the battery. The wire harness is the conduit for the transmission of these signals and electrical power.


LeePra Wire Harness/cable harnesses provide several advantages over loose wires and cables. Masses of wires in a home / commercial appliance or in an automobile or even in an aircraft would stretch over a considerable distance if extended and can be quite difficult to repair, maintain or even to replace. LeePra Cable harnesses provide a compact, intelligent yet simple way to bind numerous associated wires and cables into a cable harness. Our wire harnesses not only provide a more organized way of managing the tangles of wires, but also make them better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture.


Product Variants available:

  • Customized based on the requirement of the client 

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