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Turn Key Solutions

We aim to help companies and entrepreneurs create innovative electronic products and get them right the first time around. That’s why, as a turnkey electronic product design and development services company, we see all newly developed products through their preliminary phase, facilitating our clients’ transition of prototypes to manufacturing.

In partnering with LeePra Technologies, you are joining a team that understands the flow of electronic product development. We will ensure a smooth progression of your product development, driving better control of the development and production schedule and budget, as well as manufacturing success.

Our team of highly experienced engineers provide high-quality, personalized and reliable turnkey solutions and services that

  • Reduce risk.

  • Simplify the client’s design cycle ad per the design

  • Interface production sectors to shorten cycle times

  • Boost reliability

LeePra Technologies is committed to the customers which adds value to their long-term success and growth, making a measurable difference that the industry relies on as a one-stop source.

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