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PCB Assembly

LeePra is a leading provider of complete manufacturing services ranging from Printed Circuit Assembly to Complete System Integration and Box Build. Our customers are satisfied with our high standards of electronic manufacturing services.

We specialize in quick-turn services for highly complex and advanced PCB assembly and systems manufacturing in meeting dynamic business needs.

LeePra has competent engineering and manufacturing team to help many customers to give complete solutions all kinds of PCB assembly requirements:

PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • Prototype and High-volume Assembly

  • RoHS / Lead free PCB Assembly

  • Single or double sided SMT (surface mount) assembly

  • BGA and Micro-BGA Capabilities

  • Through-Hole Assembly

  • Cable & wire Harnesses Assembly

  • Mechanical Assembly

  • Mixed SMT and thru-hole assembly

  • Expertise in single, multi-layer flexible and rigid circuitry boards

Manufacturing Capabilities of PCB Assembly

  • High Speed Placement

  • Low-volume prototyping

  • Low-volume / high-mix

  • High-volume / low mix

  • State-of-the-art advanced manufacturing equipment

  • Consignment or full turnkey solution

Engineering services in PCB Assembly

  • Advance Product Quality Planning

  • Customer Specific Requirements analysis


  •        Develop control plans & PFMEA

  •        Value add engineering services

  • In-circuit test fixture design and build

  • Stringent quality inspections

  • Traceability

  • Functional test fixtures build to customers specification

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